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Pour over coffee brewery idea

Pour over coffee is getting more popular due to it's method that makes premium quality coffee. Yet there is not a simple set on the market that combines coffee grinding and coffee pouring. The Pour over coffee brewery is a compact stack with 3 layers that fit perfect in place.

If you're not familiar with coffee pouring, check out just one of many pour over instruction video's on YouTube.

The brewery set includes:

  1. Coffee grinder
  2. Coffee dripper
  3. Coffee cup and coffee pot

Perfect fit


How does it work?

  1. Put a coffee-filter in the dripper and pour over hot water (watch a youtube instruction video).
  2. Put the grinder on top of the dripper and grind coffee beans. The coffee falls in the coffee filter.
  3. Place the dripper on the cup or pot, depending on how much coffee you want to make.
  4. You pour over hot water with a kettle (recommend by professional coffee artists) or use a water boiler (not recommend by professional coffee artists ;-). The coffee drips into the cup or pot.

Benefits compared to other coffee machines:

  • It's compact and does not take much space. You can use it instead of any other coffee machine.
  • Low price for high quality coffee (claimed to have a better quality than a coffee machine with grinder).
  • Quick and simple to use to make a single cup or a whole pot of coffee.


The materials are all double layered stainless steel. So it's hot on the inside and cold on the outside. The cup has a bowl shaped inner surface yet a cilinder shaped outer surface for stability.

The design is made to perfect fit the grinder, dripper and cup (or pot) on top of each other. You can also place the grinder and dripper on top of the pot.

The cup and pot have indicators to show how much coffee is made. You can simply lock the dripper when you've made enough coffee by switching the side-button (open/close).

Enjoy your freshly brewed coffee!

Contact details:
Phone: +31 6 51 53 04 85